Promote a true conscious and active travel!!

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Welcome to Ecuador

The most biodiverse country

Thank you for your interest in our beautiful Ecuador, we are passionate about our off the beaten track experiences as they provide our travelers with the thrill of coming face to face with the most biodiverse country in the entire world per square kilometer. Our itineraries will give you the very best travel experience, designed by people with an incredible local knowledge who share our vision of authentic cultural exchange and real nature exploration with a solidarity and responsible tourism approach. We hope you will join us for a life changing experience in our Tourism for All.


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Minka is an Andean and millennial concept that synthesizes relations of reciprocity, commitment and complementarity. It consists of a community practice in which everyone comes together to work on a common goal, such as the construction of a house-work for collective use, raising the harvest of a family or community group, etc. MINKA ECUADOR is a tour operator whose philosophy is based on sharing life experiences that promote solidarity, human conscience, bonds of friendship and delight of nature and culture.


our pluricultural and megadiverse country!!

Minka will help you to explore Ecuador, a country where four different worlds coexist.

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Minka will help you to explore Ecuador, a country where four different worlds coexist.

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Tourism represents a unique opportunity for human beings to approach realities and diverse perspectives, as well as an option for people to rediscover their own capacity of admiration, for this reason our work is a transformative life experience that generates personal growth that makes us better human beings.

Promote a true conscious and active travel!!

It is a full experience of giving and receiving, be part of our MINKA

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Creamos este lugar con pasión y amor para que quienes nos visitan disfruten de las mágicas sensasiones que los caballos y la naturaleza pueden brindar" El Potro Pinto

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